Domain Name Services

Matters involving domain names can be overwhelming. Let us take care of business!
Registering, transfering, renewing or administering domain names can be overwhelming to some people with no technical experience. Let us take care of all these technicalities, while at the same time you retain ownership on your domain name. With one low fee you get domain name registration, transfer or renewal for one year, plus free domain name administration services. We will modify the domain zone file at your request at no extra cost. For example, if you are hosting your website or email services somewhere else simply give us your new DNS or zone file records information and we will perform all necessary changes on your behalf. Check Availability
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With us you always remain the legal registrant of your domain name(s). We are offering free domain name management services to guard you from all technicalities. If you don’t know what “A” records are, or “CNAMES” and “MX” records or “TTL”, or you don’t know how to create sub-domains within your domain name and point their services to different servers then our domain name management service is for you!

If you are registering a new domain name, it might take up to 24 hours for your new domain name to work on the Internet. Leave your smart phone in another room, and silence your landline’s ringer. Click here to find out why. Please note: Once you purchase a Business Website from us all related domain name service fees and charges including registration fees for one domain will be waived or reimbursed back to you.